Medical Exchange

Dear Client,

We changed customer support / ticketing platforms on Friday 4/5/2019.
This does not affect calls we answer for you, just the support system we use to keep track of your requests and concerns. We made this change to an internally developed system to have more control and customization over your support process.

You will still be able to reach us at and If you want to view old tickets, they will be preserved at until the end of April, but any updates there will not be responded to by Medical Exchange staff.

There is a new website to access new tickets moving forward, but in order to gain access to it we must set up an account for you. If you would like web access to your tickets, please send us an email at including your billing number and the email address you would like associated with that account. We will then provide you with a username, password, and the address for the new ticketing site.

Please also be sure to read emails from All emails you receive from our ticketing system moving forward, including responses from Client Services, will come from that address.

This does not affect any deadlines for schedule submission or how calls are processed.

I understand you have experienced a number of changes recently, starting with the new invoice design in 2018. I want to reassure you that this is the same great team supporting your account with us. We are growing rapidly, and you may meet a few new faces soon. If you have any questions or concerns about my team or the service we provide, please let me know by contacting me directly at or by calling me at 512-206-1216.

Eric Edwards
Operations Supervisor